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What Does Bet Without Tie Mean | It’s Easy If You Do It Smart: The ‘no tie bet’ is one of the fashionable bets that bettors often use to ‘cover’ their backs and have a better chance of winning when betting.

What does bet without tie mean?

The no-tie bet is a betting market that eliminates the result of a tie in the three-option markets (1X2), allowing bettors to play a team’s victory without risking should the game end in a draw. Bettors generally refer to this bet as DNB, which is the initials of the English draw no bet.

In Betsson, you can find this market with the name of ‘’ Winner without tie ‘’. By betting on a team’s win without a tie, if the match ends in a tie, the bet is void and the amount wagered is returned.

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When do you usually use this market?

This market is generally used to reduce the risk of a tie. These are the cases in which it is recommended to use the sin No tie winner ‘market:

When you think an underdog team has a chance of winning but you don’t want to risk too much.

When you think there are a lot of chances of a tie and you want to protect your bet on a team victory.

When a team that was a favorite at the start of the match loses and you think they can come back from the match.


example bet without tie-It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Real Madrid and Arsenal face each other in the second preseason game for the Whites and the third for the Gunners at the International Champions Cup. From the squad that it has, you may think that Real Madrid is a favorite to win the I meet despite having lost 1–3 against Bayern, but you know that Arsenal is a very powerful team that has 2/2 victories in the preseason and comes thrown.

You decide to bet that Real Madrid will win, but you want to make sure that you will not lose all the money in case it ends up tied, therefore using the ‘Winner without a tie’ market, the share of Real Madrid wins goes from 2.03 to 1.54. Now you are covered in case the whites do not get the victory but at least a tie that would return the money bet.

‘Winner without tie’ market in combined-It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

The ‘No Draw Winner’ market works exactly the same even when we use it in combination betting. In the event that a match ends in a tie, that event will be null and void and all other odds in the combined will be multiplied by the amount wagered.


We made a combined 3 matches of the International Champions Cup and bet € 10 on a total odds of 4.48.

Real Madrid vs Arsenal — Real Madrid win (winner without a tie) @ 1.54

Bayern Munich vs AC Milan -> Bayern Munich win @ 1.67

Juventus vs Inter -> over 2.5 goals @ 1.78

Total fee: 4.57

Let’s suppose that we hit Bayern Munich’s victory at 1.67 and that in the Italian team duel there will be more than 2.5 goals at 1.78 but Real Madrid and Arsenal finish the game in the draw (1–1 ). What would happen? Very easy.

The bet of the game Real Madrid vs Arsenal would remain as null (odds 1) and we would multiply the other two bets by the € 10 wagered: 1.67 x 1.78 = 2.97. Instead of making a profit of € 45.70, we would earn € 29.70.

Advantages of Double Chance bets-What Does Bet Without Tie Mean

Once we have learned a little more about how the “Bet without a tie” works, we are going to see the advantages of using this strategy which is, after all, the same as using the Double Chance strategy within sports betting. We will list some of them for you to use in your installments.

You win more often, which will allow us to be positive in terms of balance.

This will help us to reduce losses. In the long run, it will help us to have more funds to continue betting in other markets.

During periods, in case of loss, there is always a crucial period. Especially when you bet between 3 and 6 matches daily, so with this system you will win more often.

Your deposits will be safe. If you bet on football games with a limited bankroll, this option ensures you have the best possible chance of winning, or at least not losing. The no-tie bet — Draw No Bet — should serve as insurance in case things don’t go as you expect.

Help with teams playing counter-attack. This strategy will help you save the teams that play the counter-attack in the last stages of the match. You just have to remember the 2016–2017 season in the Premier League, where Leicester managed to save many games in the last moments.

It assures you when you bet on defensive teams. These types of bets also serve to support those teams that base their tactics on defense. You will have to look for those kinds of teams that are always capable of fighting until the end of matches even against the largest teams in the world.

Alternatives to the Bet without Draw-It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Obviously, the Bet without a Draw is something that you can find at Betsson, but if it does not give you the security to bet in this market, you should know that there are always alternatives that you may like something more and that also work very well.

One of the options is including the tie in your bets. To do this, bet on the winning team -local or away- and then make an extra bet on the tie of the same amount divided by the odds of the tie.


Amount to bet: 25 euros.

Match odds: 1 (8.00) X (4.00) 2 (1.30)

Your guess: 1X

Divide your stack (25 euros) by the odds of the match (1X2). In other words, the tie (4.00) would be (25 / 4.00) equal to € 6.25. The rest of your budget for the bet € 18.75 you must bet on the winner of the local team. With this bet, you will recoup your investment in the event of a tie, while if the local team wins, you will increase your profits considerably (€ 18.75 x 8.00 = € 150).

Asian Handicap

Another way to make a bet without a tie (DNB) if it is not available is to select an Asian Handicap (AH 0) bet on the team that has the best chance of winning.

This option does not establish an advantage for any team. Take for example a match between Chelsea (1.90) and Liverpool (1.95).

You want to bet € 100 on Chelsea on the Asian Handicap of 0. This means that:

If Chelsea wins, you win the bet.

If there is a tie, your bet is lower back to you.

If Chelsea loses, you lose your bet.

So these are other options you have to win with the No Draw Bet.

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