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The Secret To Close Bet: Approve a Gambling Law that limits the ‘open bar’ that currently exists in betting. It is one of the priority objectives of the Unidas Podemos team, which on Monday promised its position and took possession of its ministerial portfolios.

It is a competence that Alberto Garzón has assumed in his new Ministry of Consumption and will be one of the first royal decrees that will be brought to the council of ministers.

It will be, effectively, one of the first ‘battles’ that Pablo Iglesias’ team fights in this legislature. This is confirmed by La Información’s sources from Unidas Podemos. They add that it is a “priority” matter for the social area of ​​the coalition government.

The project in which you are going to start working from this very Tuesday already has a base. It is based on a measure that Podemos took to the Community of Madrid for the first time in its electoral program in the autonomous regions, so it is not an improvised proposal.

The initiative has two important aspects. On the one hand, the future law foresees to prohibit the betting shops, which are generally installed in the most modest neighborhoods, from opening before 10 pm or from being located near schools.

Sources of the confederal group assure that this measure is “key”: “You cannot bet while you drink coffee with churros, in the 30 minutes of recess or spend the weekend in the premises because the beer is cheap,” they explain.

If you want to bet, they should not see you and it needs to be done while the minors are in bed, they argue. They also admit that it will not be easy since it is a transferred competence and it should be the communities that establish time limits for these premises.

Rubén Sánchez, the spokesman for Facua, tells La Información that limiting the hours of the premises and that they can only open after 10 pm is a “great idea” that “hits the nail on the head.” He adds that “it would restrict the profits of the bookmakers” and could lead to causing those businesses “not to be worthwhile.” They would have to end up closing and only the bingos and casinos would be open.

The betting business

Online betting is a business that grows year by year and that billed 5,227.4 million euros between January and September 2019, according to data from the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling (DGOJ).

The companies hope to exceed the figure of 7,000 million at the end of the year. Currently, 80 licensed operators operate in Spain, most of them dedicated to betting or casino games.

Gives you the opportunity to receive a refund before the event ends- 3 Things Everyone Knows About Close Bet

If you choose to partially close your bet, activate the ‘Close bet’ slider bar by clicking on the icon to the right of the ‘Close bet’ button and select partial bet closing.

For multiple options, the minimum value that can be closed is the same value as any safe fund. For example, in the case of a bet consisting of 3 double bets of € 1 (A x B, A x C, B x C), in which team A and B have won, each with odds of 3.0, and the other selection has not yet been made, the minimum amount that can be closed is € 9 (€ 8 profit and € 1 amount).

You also now have the ability to set up an ‘Auto Close’ rule once you have placed your bet. If the closing value reaches or exceeds the limit you have selected, your bet will be automatically determined and the funds will be added to your balance.

To set up an ‘Auto Close’ rule, click on the cogwheel icon to the right of the ‘ Close Bet’ button, enter the limit you want to set in the ‘If the value reaches’ section and select ‘Create Rule’.

For normal single and combined bets, you can also select an ‘Auto Close’ rule for part of your bet. This will allow you to select the specific ‘Bet Close’ amount you want to be determined, leaving the remainder of your amount to be determined according to the final result linked to your bet. To select this option, use the radio button in the ‘Auto close’ tab of the bet.

Once you have successfully added the ‘Auto Close’ rule to your bet, a green indicator will appear and appear on the cogwheel icon. You can remove the active rule until the time of bet determination.

To do this you must click on the gear icon and select ‘Delete rule’. Alternatively, if you close your bet manually or part of it, the active ‘Auto Close’ rule will be removed for that bet.

There are different ways by which you can review the amount offered when closing a bet.

The ‘Live’ tab in the ‘My Bets’ section shows the live bets as well as the live score and the amount you can close.

In both sections, you have the option to set any of your selections as ‘favorite’ by moving the cursor in the upper right corner and clicking on the star when it appears. Once the star is selected, your selections will move to the top, making it easy for you to track your bets.

You can also use the ‘Close bet’ service on your mobile device or tablet. To do this, select ‘My bets’ at the bottom of the page and access the ‘Close bet’ tab that shows your valid bets.

Once there you can select favorites, follow bookmarks and, in case you decide to close a bet, select the ‘Close bet’ button that appears below your selection and confirm your decision to settle the bet early.


  1. The ‘Close bet’ request will be accepted with some delay. If the rate changes or the market is suspended, the ‘Close bet’ request won’t be accepted.
  2. In case the ‘Close bet’ request is accepted, it will be displayed in such a way and the bet will be settled immediately. The final result of the original bet will not affect the amount of the ‘Close bet’. If a bet is closed before the event starts and the original bet amount is returned in full, the original bet will be void.
  3. The amount offered by the ‘Close Bet’ at any time will be the total amount that will be returned to your account if your ‘Close Bet’ request is completed.
  4. If a partial or full bet closure is manually triggered for a bet, any existing ‘Auto Close’ rules linked to that bet will be automatically removed and will no longer apply.
  5. You can partially close single bets valid up to ten times and combined bets valid up to five times.
  6. The amount you want to partially close must be greater than or equal to ten times the minimum amount unit.
  7. Completed closed bets will not count towards freeing up your bet credits. In the event that a bet has been partially closed, only the amount of the bet that remains active will count towards the release of your bet credits.
  8. bet365 reserves the right to remove, in whole or in part, the ‘Close Bet’ feature for any customer or group of customers if there is any indication that the customer or group of customers is making unlawful use of the ‘Close Bet’ function. Betting ‘using it frequently to take advantage of pre-event price changes and closing bets through the’ Close Bet ‘feature before events have started.
  9. bet365 will not be liable if the ‘Close Bet’ service is not available for technical reasons and in this case, bets will remain as they were originally placed.
  10. bet365 cannot guarantee that the ‘Close Bet’ service is available for your selected bets. As long as the ‘Close bet’ option is active before an event and we do not broadcast the event live, this option will not be available once the event in question starts or when it stops broadcasting live. The ‘Close bet’ characteristic will not be available while a marketplace is suspended.
  11. When a ‘Auto Close’ rule is carried out and the ‘Close Bet’ option is not available and is not offered again before the end of an event, bets will remain based on the final result.
  12. bet365 reserves the right to accept or reject any bets requested for any sport, competition, market or type of bet included in the ‘Close bet’ function.
  13. bet365 reserves the right to change, suspend or remove the ‘Close Bet’ function (or part of it) at any time and for any event, meeting, market or customer. Any bet placed on such events, meetings or markets will remain as it was at the time it was initially made.
  14. bet365 reserves the right to revoke any bet closings if the bet or a market has been closed in error.
  15. Any bonus obtained by Lucky 15/31/63 or Union Jack will not apply in those cases where the ‘Close bet’ function has been used to close a bet or part of it.
  16. Some bet365 offers will not apply where the ‘Close Bet’ feature is used to close a bet in whole or in part. See the conditions of each offer for more information.

Originally published at on April 14, 2020.

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