The Carelessness of a Premier League Footballer: He Uploaded a Photo to Networks and was Looking at a Porn site

Timm Klose, a German player from Norwich City, caused a stir due to a story that he posted on his social networks

With the Premier League suspended, a priori, until April 30 as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and with the United Kingdom in quarantine, the different soccer players try to Spend their unfastened time in the first-rate viable way. This is the case of Timm Klose, who went viral in the last few hours as a result of an unexpected oversight on his social networks.

The German defender of Norwich City decided to use his Instagram account to upload a story and show the series on the Netflix platform with which he is coping with the confinement that reigns in the region.

However, fans of his club, known as The Canaries, noticed a detail in one of the tabs that he had open in his browser. The footballer, when taking the picture, forgot to close the page of Porn Hub, a renowned porn site.

This oversight quickly went viral and sparked a large number of memes on Twitter. “We already know what Timm Klose has been investing time in” or “It seems Timm is enjoying home confinement,” were some of the comments seen on social networks, where the defender’s publication has not gone unnoticed.

The footballer, a Swiss national and who knew how to be cited by the Bosnian Vladimir Petkovic in different calls of the Swiss team, was one of the defensive pillars of the technical director Daniel Farke last season. He is now looking for his best physical shape after overcoming a ligament injury to one of his knees in August last year.

With 9 days to go until the end of the season, Norwich City is in a critical situation, having only 21 units and appearing in the last position in the table, which would result in his descent to the Second Division of England.

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