Paolo Maldini After Beating COVID-19 “I Tried To Train in The Gym But he Was Dead in Just 10 Minutes”

Former soccer player Paolo Maldini overcame the disease caused by the new coronavirus and recounted the physical consequences it has left him.

The Italian Paolo Maldini assured that, after recovering from COVID-19, his body still suffers from the consequences of the disease. During a conversation with Javier Zanetti, organized by Sky Sport, the ex-star of Milan pointed out that his age was not a problem, but the damage that the virus left on his body.

“It is hard to start again. Today I tried to do something else in the gym, but after ten minutes he was dead. And not because he was 52 years old,” said Maldini during the conversation with the Argentine.

The former soccer player and his son, Daniel, tested positive for the COVID-19. Both quarantined to overcome the disease and not infect the rest. According to La Gazzetta Dello Sport, both recovered on Wednesday, April 8, but neither confirmed anything so far.

However, on March 23, after father and son announced that they had been infected with the new coronavirus, Paolo Maldini uploaded a video on their social networks to tell that they were well and that they had the symptoms of COVID-19

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