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Lionel Messi Personal Life The Best Player Of The World: There is no place in the world where the name of Messi is not known, but few know the human side of the best player of all time. We are sure that those who criticize him will change their opinion about Messi when they finish reading this article.

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1. Lionel Messi born

2. Lionel Messi Growth hormone deficiency

3. Entered Barcelona

4. Lionel Messi Messi marries Life

5. Messi softest Antonela

6. Lionel Messi’s Family

7. Lionel Messi house

8. Lionel Messi Achievements

1. Lionel Messi Born:

Messi is stated to have weighed 3.6 kg at birth, a figure that did no longer foretell the growth problems he would have later.

Messi’s passion for soccer was born to him from a young age. His brother Matías says that Messi was going to make the purchase with a ball under his feet, and if his mother stopped him, Leo would sit on the floor and cross his arms. Such was the passion of little Messi for soccer that when he did not have a ball he made one himself with old bags and stockings.

His family was so poor that as a child he played barefoot with his brothers Matías and Rodrigo and his cousin Tomi. Over the years, two of his cousins, Maximiliano and Emanuel Biancucchi, ended up being professional players.

Messi’s first team was called Grandoli, of which his father Jorge was president. Some of his companions are said to have thought that he had entered only because he was his father’s son and took her with him.

They were wrong. Actually Leo entered the club purely by chance. The coach of the lower categories needed a player, he saw Messi bounce the ball against the wall and invited him to join the team.

One day Messi’s father ran out of money and could not pay the entrance to the Grandoli. Little Leo was kicked out of the club for that.

A short time later he managed to enter the lower ranks of the Newell’s Old Boys. He progressed very quickly but every time he lost a game (even if it was training) he would cry. His companions ended up giving him the nickname of “el llorón”.

2. Lionel messi Growth hormone deficiency

Growth hormone deficiency: the case of the giant Leo Messi

​​but his true story, the least known, began when he was only ten years old and came to the clinic of Argentine endocrinologist Diego Schwarzstein derived by his team, Newell’s Old Boys, with a serious and rare problem: he was shorter than the children of his age. A growth hormone deficiency limited his development and threatened his promising career as a professional soccer player.

The club was aware of its potential but also that the short stature of the player was not normal. At that age, he was around 1.25 meters. After performing a series of tests, the specialist determined that Messi suffered from a deficiency of growth hormone.

At the age of eleven, Messi measured 1.32 meters, height corresponding to a young man two years younger than him. It was then that this problem began to be corrected.

Growth hormone deficiency is a disorder originating from the pituitary, a gland at the base of the brain that controls the balance of hormones in the body. It also produces growth hormone, which makes a child grow.

Problems in this gland can affect different functions, in addition to growth in height itself: “For example, it can affect muscle or other organ development, affecting even the future health of the person who suffers from this deficit,” explains Juan de Dios Beas, doctor of Physical Education and Sports and advisor to Beiman Clinics.

Without correct treatment, a young athlete with this pathology would have difficulties in reaching the elite: “Growth hormone deficiency would produce not only less and slower physical development, but also an increase in the number of injuries as the development of the musculature would not be complete, “says Beas.

This was Messi’s diagnosis, one of the causes of this disorder that occurs among every 10,000 births. He, like the rest of those affected, underwent exhaustive tests to verify the need or not for treatment. These tests include the child’s weight and height control, and its relationship to the growth curve.

A growth curve is a tool that professionals use to determine if a child is within the standard values, both for weight and height. In this case, it was verified that its height is below -2 deviations from the growth curves (two points below what the minor should be at the age in question).

An endocrine is in charge of making the exact diagnosis of this deficit. Normally, family doctors may suspect that there are problems in an individual, but the importance of these cases always lies in “detecting the causes of growth hormone deficiency and how to correct it.

All this corresponds to the specialist “, clarifies Beas. The origin can be due to genetic diseases or other acquired diseases.

After the initial assessment, the growth rate must be monitored for six months. If it is also below the estimate and the subject has a delay in bone maturation, it is time to start treatment.

Contrary to what many parents believe, specialists emphasize the importance of understanding that not all cases of short stature are susceptible to receiving medication: it may be that a person does not have a height set as suitable for their age but does not present a deficit of growth hormone.

Messi, like many other children, began his treatment to alleviate the problem. It consisted of subcutaneous injections that were given for at least three years: “Once a night I was getting a pinch of growth hormone.

He was changing legs. First one, then another. I was not impressed. At first, my parents gave it to me, until I learned and I did it alone, “said the footballer in a television program.

The Messi punctured blisters supplemented the deficiency of supply of growth hormone from the pituitary in his body. This disorder is one of the six cases in Spain in which the Ministry of Health considers treatment with growth hormone in children justified. The tests are very thorough and the supply of the hormone is very expensive.

The economic problems that Argentina had in 2001 made it difficult for Messi’s family to continue paying for this treatment in the country. The development of the treatment had not yet been completed and Messi was still stunned.

The club, Newell’s Old Boys, could not take care of the injections. Help was sought from River Plate, one of the country’s great teams, who declined to pay for the medication. It was then that the possibility of going to Barcelona arose.

Despite his short stature, Messi’s soccer qualities stood out above all in the tests carried out by the Spanish club. His transfer to Barcelona occurred when he was 13 years old and he was 1.48 meters tall (he had to be 1.55 meters tall). Among the conditions to join the team, it was agreed that he should continue to undergo the treatment.

Professionals closely monitor the case of each child suffering from growth hormone deficiency. Normally, treatment is maintained until the age of 16 or 17. However, there are situations in which “it is for life because the deficit is total and is needed for many human physiological functions,” says Juan de Dios Beas.

Messi managed to reach 1.70 meters, his current height, an impossible size without the extra help of the treatment. His endocrine in Argentina has speculated that, without the hormone, he had not reached 1.55 meters.

The usual procedure for giving injections involves subsequent monitoring to see if the levels of growth hormones have returned to normal. It is the example of Messi. Otherwise, it would be necessary to consider continuing the injections, although in lower doses.

The growth hormone has generated a lot of controversies as it is linked to doping cases in professional sports. A very different situation from that of Messi and many other boys and girls who have seen in this treatment the solution to a hormonal problem. Messi is,

without a doubt, the visible face of this disorder. A legend who started his career with problems but who never gave up on pursuing his dream: playing soccer.

Many children like him continue to be treated today with this hormone, which, contrary to what many parents want to believe, is not indicated for all young children, nor for those who want to become world soccer stars.

3.Entered Barcelona

Given his progress in 2004, the Spanish team offered to play (Leo has dual nationality) but refused with the hope that the Argentine team would call him. An unequivocal test for those who accuse you of not feeling the colors of your native country.

In 2006 he achieved his goal and became the youngest player to debut with the Argentine team in a World Cup.

Messi’s humility contrasts with the pride of other players. It is said that when the Argentine team called him for the first time, he did not tell his teammates at Barcelona because he thought he would not get to jump on the field. Curiously, he did, but he was sent off 46 seconds after entering. The shortest debut in history.

His enemies say he does not have a “muscular physique” and is short. Messi jokes with his short stature and faces the problem with a smile “that makes me closer to the ground, so I can control the ball better.” Messi is the image of a popular brand of sunglasses.

In the sentimental, it cannot be said that he is a womanizer. He continues with his longtime girlfriend, Antonella Roccuzzo, which says a lot about him. They are not married but they have a common son, Thiago Messi, of whom Leo has a tattoo on his left leg.

Despite his fame, it is not uncommon to see him stroll around Barcelona or drive his Mini Cooper. Messi is a simple person, close in dealing and shy. He has acknowledged in many interviews that “he is happy”.

His only regret is that his grandmother died without seeing him succeed, something that Leo has very present, hence after each goal raises your hands and point to the sky (where “his grandmother is”).

Two vices are known to him: playing the Play Station (where he is as good as in real life) and sleeping at all hours, which does a lot in the concentrations. His favorite dish is Milanese a la Neapolitan, but he only eats those prepared by his mother.

Messi, perhaps due to the difficult life he has led, is especially generous. In 2007 he created the Leo Messi Foundation, an institution dedicated to caring for the neediest children.

At only 27 years old, two less than Cristiano Ronaldo, he still has a long way to go (although in 2008 the Marca newspaper considered him as the best player in the world). Leo Messi, besides being a great footballer, is a great person, it is a pity that many ignore his story.

4. Lionel Messi marries Life

Messi marries his lifelong bride in a wedding full of celebrities

The marriage generated great expectations, although from the family they decided to preserve intimacy.

ROSARIO — After years of postponements, Lionel Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo, his longtime girlfriend, married on Friday night in Rosario, the Argentine city of their birth.

At around 8:15 p.m. local time, they completed the civil ceremony inside the Pullman hotel in the City Center and were formally married, a union that already has two children: Thiago and Mateo.

The link brought together most of the friends of the FC Barcelona star such as Xavi Hernández, Luis Suárez, Carles Puyol and Samuel Eto’o.

The marriage generated great expectations, although from the family they decided to preserve intimacy. Only one press group was allowed access to a red carpet where, in addition to the three mentioned, Cesc Fábregas, Ezequiel Lavezzi, Sergio Agüero, Jordi Alba,

Sergio Busquets, Maxi Rodríguez, Sergio Romero, former tennis player Guillermo Coria and Argentine actor Nico Vázquez. Brazilian striker Neymar did not go out to greet the press, nor did defender Gerard Piqué and his partner, Colombian singer Shakira.

The great absentee was Ronaldinho Gaúcho, a great friend of Messi and a teammate at Barsa in the Argentine’s first years on the first team. The Brazilian had an engagement with the Catalan club to play a friendly match at Camp Nou.

The Pullman hotel was closed especially for the occasion to ensure the privacy of the intimate event of the Argentine soccer player and his wife. Around 260 guests attended the dinner that featured Argentine dishes such as sweetbreads, smoked meats, and sausages.

The wedding venue converted into a fortress by strict security measures, is located near the poor neighborhood of 17 de Agosto, where curious people began to gather early, many of whom carried their cell phones with the dream of capturing the distance. some image of the footballer himself or his famous guests.

The wedding in the Argentine city of Rosario offered scenes in his anteroom that allowed us to remember the origins of the footballer, who emerged from a lower-middle-class family in this city and transformed into a celebrity for his enormous talent with the ball.

“We suppose it is splendid that Messi is coming to get married in RosarioLet his return to his city, “said Julio Sosa, a 28-year-old young man who wipes car windows on the corner of the City Center complex.

The 30-year-old footballer and his partner, 29, lived in another area of ​​the city, in the southern neighborhood of Las Heras, which was also attended by journalists during the day and where many locals had to share a story related to the 10 of Barcelona and the Argentine team.

Leo’s home in the neighborhood remains closed. The other great attraction of the block is the mural made by the artist Lisandro Urteaga, 46, in a field a few meters from the house that still belongs to the Messi.

“It was an idea of ​​the kids and the people here in the neighborhood,” says Urteaga referring to the image.

The inhabitants expected that Messi himself would come to the site to see the place. However, he had not been seen in Las Heras.

“I understand … I even have confidence that in some unspecified time in the destiny I can see it,” stated Urteaga. A few blocks away there is another mural of Messi with the colors of the Argentine team.

It is located on the way to the Grandoli club, the first that the footballer defended when he was very young until he moved to the lower divisions of Newell’s Old Boys.

Lionel Messi marries Life

Carlos Vílchez, 37, is an employee of a company located on that corner. He claims that he is a friend of Rodrigo Messi, brother of the star, having played with him in Grandoli. She says that “Leo” himself sent her a video with greetings for his daughter’s birthday.

“He changed into very small at the identical time as he started out playing,” says Vílchez.”He is a completely humble kid, the own family too.” Roccuzzo is the cousin of a friend of Messi’s and the two spent a lot of time together since childhood.

They kept in touch when Messi went to Spain as a teenager and in the late 2000s, they began a romantic relationship, allegedly when Messi returned to Argentina after the death of a close friend of Roccuzzo in a traffic accident.

Roccuzzo finally settled in Barcelona with him. Messi’s countless sports commitments led to the marriage being postponed until it was finally possible to organize it.

5.Messi softest Antonela

  • The footballer and his family showed how they enjoy a free Saturday playing with their children
  • The Messi family is usually very reserved and very few details of what they are like in privacy are known. This time, both Lionel Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo used their social networks to show how they enjoy a sunny day at home with their children Thiago, Ciro, and Mateo.
  • After enjoying the show by Antonio Díaz, better known as the Magician Pop, at the Victoria Theater on Friday night and uploading videos of the Argentine soccer player while driving listening to the ensemble music of cumbia santafesina Los Palmeras, the couple returned to give details of how are your days in Barcelona.
  • On his Instagram account, La Pulga made a post in which her partner can be seen demonstrating all her skills with a skateboard in the vehicle entrance area of the mansion she owns in Castelldefels, outside the city.
  • Messi recorded Antonela using a skateboard: The peculiarity of the video is that Antonela tries to move around the courtyard while dodging the jumps of her dog Hulk, a giant Dogue de Bordeaux. The sequence aroused the laughter of the smallest of the family.
  • “Perfect in everything. How beautiful she is! Commented Daniella Semaan, a close friend of Roccuzzo and spouse of Monaco football player Cesc Fábregas, a former teammate of Rosario in Barcelona within the Primera squad and below, where they formed one of the best divisions of the institution with Gerard Piqué.

6. Lionel Messi’s Family

Antonella Roccuzzo is the wife of Lionel Messi. She is twenty-seven years old and is a mother of two children, Thiago and Mateo.

Lionel Messi Information

Lionel Andres Messi was born in Rosario, Argentina on Wednesday, the fourth day of June 1987. He is 28 years old. Soccer is Lionel Messi’s favorite activity.

Lionel Messi’s parents are Celia María Cuccittini and Jorge Horácio Messi. They are divorced. Jorge Horácio Messi was born in 1958.

Lionel Messi Children:

Children Daughter- None They are (3) * Thiago Messi Roccuzzo * Mateo Messi Roccuzzo * Ciro Messi Roccuzzo

Brothers :

7. Lionel Messi house:

After the suspension of the activities of the Barcelona club, Lionel Messi and his family are in quarantine in their Spanish mansion.

Lionel Messi and his family are in quarantine at their mansion located in Barcelona, ​​Spain. This Friday, March 13, the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, announced that tomorrow the Spanish Council of Ministers will meet in an extraordinary way to decree the state of alarm about the coronavirus.

The footballer has the perfect home to continue training during quarantine: it includes a soccer field, a swimming pool, and an indoor gym. On Instagram, both Lionel Messi and his wife Antonela Roccuzzo frequently share images and videos captured on the property.

Antonela, for example, published in 2019 a post dedicated to her son Mateo for his birthday, where the little boy is training on the family’s soccer field

The mansion is located in the Castelldefels neighborhood, Barcelona. The Messi family is assured of total privacy and tranquility. This is because the area where the house is located has air restrictions: planes cannot pass over the terrain for reasons related to the environment.

Javier Sánchez-Prieto, the president of the Spanish airline Vueling, explained that “planes cannot pass over Messi’s house. This does no longer happen in any other part of the world “.

On the other hand, Lionel Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo published innumerable photos taken inside the mansion, where you can see the incredible view that the family has to the outside: you can see hills, luxurious houses and, what is even more impressive, the sea ​​of ​​a spectacular blue tone.

After the suspension of the Spanish League and the Champions League, Barcelona made the decision to “suspend all activity until further notice”.

The club’s players, including Lionel Messi, are under quarantine to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The team will continue training in a particular way at their homes, supervised by physical trainers belonging to the club.

It is a family photo, very intimate, with the children in bed, of their parents? and clearing in these times: boys at home, protected without going outside.

8. Lionel Messi Achievements

Spanish League — F. C. Barcelona — 2005

Spanish Super Cup — F. C. Barcelona — 2005

Spanish league — F. C. Barcelona — 2006

Spanish Super Cup — F. C. Barcelona — 2006

Copa del Rey — F. C. Barcelona — 2009

Spanish League — F. C. Barcelona — 2009

Spanish Super Cup — F. C. Barcelona — 2009

Spanish league — F. C. Barcelona — 2010

Spanish Super Cup — F. C. Barcelona — 2010

Spanish league — F. C. Barcelona — 2011

Spanish Super Cup — F. C. Barcelona — 2011

Copa del Rey — F. C. Barcelona — 2012

Spanish League — F. C. Barcelona — 2013

Spanish league — F. C. Barcelona — 2015

Copa del Rey — F. C. Barcelona — 2015

League of Spain — F.C. Barcelona — 2016

Copa del Rey — F.C. Barcelona — 2016

Spanish Super Cup — F. C. Barcelona — Spain — 2016

Copa del Rey — F. C. Barcelona — Spain — 2017

Copa del Rey — F. C. Barcelona — 2018

League of Spain — F. C. Barcelona — 2018

League of Spain — F. C. Barcelona — 2019

Youth Soccer World Cup — Argentina National Team — Netherlands — 2005

Champions League — F. C. Barcelona — Paris — 2006

Gold at the Olympic Games — Argentina National Team — Beijing — 2008

Champions League — F. C. Barcelona — Rome — 2009

European Super Cup — F. C. Barcelona — Monaco — 2009

Club World Cup — F. C. Barcelona — United Arab Emirates — 2009

Champions League — F. C. Barcelona — London — 2011

European Super Cup — F. C. Barcelona — Monaco — 2011

Club World Cup — F.C. Barcelona — Japan — 2011

Champions League — F. C. Barcelona — Berlin- 2015

European Super Cup — F.C. Barcelona — Tbilisi — 2015

Club World Cup — F.C. — Japan — 2015

Joan Gamper Trophy — F. C. Barcelona — Spain — 2004

Catalonia Cup — F. C. Barcelona — Spain — 2004

Catalonia Cup — F. C. Barcelona — Spain — 2005

Ramón de Carranza Trophy — F. C. Barcelona — Spain — 2005

Joan Gamper Trophy — F. C. Barcelona — Spain — 2006

Beckenbauer Cup — F. C. Barcelona — Germany — 2007

Joan Gamper Trophy — F. C. Barcelona — Spain — 2007

Catalonia Cup — F. C. Barcelona — Spain — 2007

Joan Gamper Trophy — F. C. Barcelona — Spain — 2008

Joan Gamper Trophy — F. C. Barcelona — Spain — 2010

Audi Cup — F. C. Barcelona — Germany — 2011

Joan Gamper Trophy — F. C. Barcelona — Spain — 2011

Trophy of Paris — F. C. Barcelona — France — 2012

Catalonia Cup — F. C. Barcelona — Spain — 2013

Joan Gamper Trophy — F. C. Barcelona — Spain — 2013

Chang Champions Cup — F. C. Barcelona — Thailand — 2013

CIMB Challenge Cup — F. C. Barcelona — Malaysia — 2013

Joan Gamper Trophy — F.C. Barcelona — Spain — 2014

Joan Gamper Trophy — F.C. Barcelona — Spain — 2015

Joan Gamper Trophy — F.C. Barcelona — Spain — 2016

Joan Gamper Trophy — F.C. Barcelona — Spain — 2017

individual distinctions


FIFA World Player


Golden Boot

2010,2012, 2013, 2017, 2018, 2019

FIFA Golden Ball

2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2019

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