Infantino asks football to set the example: “No game is worth a human life”

The president of FIFA participated in the Ordinary Congress of Conmebol and amid the uncertainty of the pandemic, a message of caution came down where the priority is health.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino trusts that football is “an example” of the unity required by the “very complicated times” that the whole world is going through due to the coronavirus pandemic, with priority in health but without stopping work in the future so that “football survives”.

The top leader of the body that governs world football participated this Thursday in the 72nd Ordinary Congress of Conmebol, held virtually” It is a delight to be with you but also a first-rate sadness to satisfy like this by way of videoconference. This is the situation, these are very complicated times. This virus has shown us how small and vulnerable we are,” he said.

Infantino explained three key points that FIFA is dealing within the midst of the crisis due to the stoppage of football in the face of the pandemic. “For the primary time soccer isn’t always the most critical thing, fitness comes first, and it needs to keep to be until this disease is defeated. The world faces new challenges and we have to stay together, show solidarity and work as a team”, said.

“If football can give a life lesson it is this. Working together as a team throughout the world to find solutions. We have to look to the future, we cannot stand still, believing that the world will return as it was.

This is going Our world and sport will be different when we return to normality and I think it is our responsibility and obligation as soccer managers to make sure that soccer survives first and soccer thrives once again “ he added.

The three points are the calendar, the contracts, and the financing. “As for the first, of the direction we’ve got to look for global solutions to address these problems, with cooperation.

Each one has his interests, but we have to speak and bring up issues that we have not brought up until now. In the second, we will soon propose something to the council and then to the associations to protect the clubs and the players, “he said.

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“Thanks to everyone’s work, FIFA is in a very solid financial scenario today. It has a name in the market and in the world of credibility, something that could not be said a few years ago.

It is the FIFA that we have created, which He works for the benefit of football, which stands up in difficult times and faces problems with conviction and strength, “he added, ending by recalling that” no game is worth a human life. “

Source: Yandex / lifehack

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