Betting Odds Calculator On Football

Betting Odds Calculator, This simple calculator of safe bets or sure bets allows us to enter the odds of an event and know the distribution of money that we have to bet on each possible result.

For example, if what you want is to make a safe bet on a football match in the 1X2 market, enter the 3 odds of the 3 results that the match may have: home team winner (1), draw (X) or team winner visitor (2). If it is a safe bet we will always get positive profits whatever the outcome of the match.

We are going to calculate sure bets of 3 results for a soccer match with the following odds: 1 @ 2.00; X @ 7.00; 2 @ 9.00. For this, we are going to enter the 3 odds of the match in the column “Odds” in the lines Odd 1, Odd 2 and Odd 3. After doing this we introduce the amount of money that we want to bet where it says “Bet”. In this case, we will put € 10.

There is a 66.32% probability that the local team (1) will win and the amount to bet would be € 6.63;

There is an 18.95% probability that it is a tie (X) and the amount to bet would be € 1.90;

There is a 14.74% probability that the visiting team (2) wins and the amount to bet would be € 1.47.

The calculator shows us that, regardless of the final result of the match, we always get a profit of 3.26 units, which means a net profit of 32.64%.

We are now going to calculate a sure bet or sure bet of 2 results, for example for a soccer match where we predict that there will be no victory for the visiting team. In this case, the odds for the home team (1) is 1.95 and the odds for the draw (X) is 5.00.

We do the same, we enter the two odds in Odds 1 and Odds 2 and then the amount we want to bet, in this case, we are going to make a slightly stronger bet of € 50.

There is a 71.94% probability that the local team will win (1) and the amount to bet would be € 35.97;

There is a 28.06% probability that there is a tie (X) and the amount to bet would be 14.03%.

We would achieve a profit of 20.14 units, which represents a profit of 40.28%.

Another valid example of a sure bet or sure bet with 2 results would be the market of over and under (over/under) a certain number of goals in a football match.

Let’s say that a house offers a quota of 4.30 if in a given soccer game more than 5.5 goals are scored (that is, 6 or more goals) and a quota of 1.47 if less than 5.5 goals are scored in the match (i.e. 5 goals or less). If we bet a total of € 15 in this case, we will obtain the following mathematical probabilities:

We should bet € 3.82 on the option above 5.5 goals since there is a 25.48% probability that this will be the case;

We should bet € 11.18 on the option below 5.5 goals since there is a 74.52% probability that this is the case.

This means that whatever the outcome of the match, we will always win. In this case, we would be talking about a net profit of 9.56% or, what is the same, a profit of 1.43 units.

As you can see, calculating your sure bets or sure bets is a little easier with this simple betting calculator, which allows you to obtain the winning probabilities for up to 5 results. We hope you find it useful. You can use it as many times as you want whenever you need to calculate your sure bets. Luck.

we are proud to always be able to offer you the best information and the best analysis to make your predictions as easy as possible.

For this reason and following our strategy of continuous evolution, we have prepared a betting calculator for you, a very easy-to-use tool that will provide you with the probability percentage of a sports bet, simply by entering the event fee.

So, this would be the process with the betting calculator:

- We access the sports betting odds calculator.

- We introduce the fee for the event we plan to bet on.

- We calculate the percentage of probability that said the event will be fulfilled.

Thanks to this probability percentage, we can know, before placing the bet, whether our prognosis is safe or risky, making it one more excellent argument to help us carry out our sports bets.

A fundamental part in the knowledge and management of sports betting is the calculation of probabilities, which will allow us to know how possible it is that a certain result occurs in a sports event, that is, for example, how many possibilities are there that a soccer team wins a game.

In this case, the odds are implicitly and inversely proportional to the odds offered by the bookmakers, that is, the lower the odds in favor of a team in a given match, the higher their probability of winning…

Thus, by calculating the real odds of a bet, we will be able to know, in advance, if that forecast is interesting to make, or on the contrary, it is risky and inadvisable, in case our strategy is to limit losses.

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Let’s see below a simple comparative table in which, for guidance, allows us to establish the relationship between odds and odds.

Observing this table, we empirically check the relationship between odds and odds in a bet, therefore, having a betting calculator that allows us to calculate the odds of a forecast being fulfilled will, in addition to knowing whether a Bet is safe or risky, compare the real percentage with that offered by the bookmaker in which we are going to bet.

In short, the key to a good sports forecast lies in knowing the odds of success, based on the odds offered by a bookmaker, hence the inclusion of this new betting odds calculator, as well as being informed about everything that surrounds the protagonists of the event and that can condition their performance, including statistical data, current situation, the timing of their key men, etc … All this necessary information can be found, as always, on this web portal.

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