6 Tips On PeoplePerHour How You Can Access A Remote Job

PeoplePerHour What It Is And How You Can Access A Remote Job: PeoplePerHour is a web portal where you can offer or access employment opportunities remotely, ideal if you want to work from home or from anywhere in the world as a digital nomad. Are you interested in mastering extra approximately this tool? Here we tell you everything you need to know to get all the juice out of it.


is an English company founded in 2007 that has a platform that connects companies with freelancers who want to work online?

Through this web portal, you can find a multitude of projects aimed at professionals in different areas: programmers, writing and translation, design, advertising, marketing, image (photography and video), business, music and audio, sales, social communication, etc.

You will be able to access opportunities to carry out specific projects, opportunities to work long-term in remote teams. One more tool that adds to the list of pages to work as a freelance.

The first thing, as in most platforms of this type, will be to register. You can access it through Facebook, LinkedIn, or by filling out the form.

Once you have registered, you only have to choose your profile” if Do you want to hire a professional or You want to work as a freelancer”.

In this case, we choose the second option: work as a freelancer. In this way, we can access the projects.

Once you access and confirm your email, touch the next step, fill in your profile. Remember to create a professional profile, choose a good photograph, take care of the description, include all the relevant data, all the information to make it easier when someone wants to contact you. You can use the same one you have created for LinkedIn.

Once you have filled in all the information correctly, you will be able to apply it to projects. However, new users will always have more difficulty accessing an opportunity, so the ideal will be to work to raise your profile.

When a project is complete, both dealers and sellers can add a rating (as much as 5stars) and leave comments. The better your score and comments, the more possibilities you will have to choose other projects.

You can add examples of your work to get to know you and see what you can do, this is very interesting since the companies they are hiring pay a lot of attention to what you have done, even if it is little, ideally it should be quality, this is a turning point to be hired.

You can upload files to the platform or incorporate links to the blog, YouTube channels, etc.


As in most platforms of this type, such as Upwork for example, you can go to a wall where you will find all the proposals, you just have to find the one that interests you and apply for it.

As with the rest of the freelance platforms, once a job offer or project has been published, the PeoplePerHour tool allows the two parties to communicate to reach an agreement.

One of the most frequently asked questions when using this type of tool to find projects that allow you to work remotely, either to obtain an extra or to generate full-time income, will be to know how the payment methods are.

In this sense, PeoplePerHour offers different options: by payment in a bank account or through Paypal. Of course, it is limited to only three currencies: Pound, Dollars, and Euros.

PeoplePerHour is one more tool that is available in the market for those people who want to work remotely. Obviously, it should not be taken as the only option, ideally, it should be taken into account to cover more employment opportunities if you want to work online.

The web is easy to use, and in it, you can find quite a few projects. Once you have registered and filled in all the fields, performing a job search is done quickly.

A good option to find a job as a freelancer, but if you prefer, you can also use other remote job web portals, there are many.

We would love for you to leave us a comment with your opinion on PeoplePerHour. Did you know this tool? Have you ever used it? How about?

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